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January 5th 2014 by Oscar Castaneda for Balaam Eco Adventures

 January 5th, 2014 by Oscar Castaneda for Balaam Eco Adventures

Placencia is growing and fast becoming the most popular out of the three main tourist destinations in Belize (San Pedro, San Ignacio and Placencia) and the best hot spot to have a Belize Vacation with the best of both worlds from one  location.  

Placencia is one of the favourite destinations within Belize for a Beach vacation for your Family Vacation, family reunion, honeymoon celebration, the perfect setting for your proposals and weddings, for retirement in paradise and for so much more…..

Placencia sits on a peninsula overlooking the Caribbean Sea on the east and a fresh lagoon on the west. With so much to offer with our Belize Adventure ToursRainforest tours, a myriad of activities, snorkeling and diving the Great Barrier Reef & Blue Hole, fishing for the Grand Slam (Permit, Tarpon and Bonefish) walking in Placencia on the smallest walk way in the world making it into the Guinness book of records, riding a bike, relaxing on pristine beaches and cayes (pronounced as keys), or just sitting on a hammock reading a book, sipping a cold tropical drink or an energy morning workout drink.


1. Mayan temples, Pyramids and Palaces

    Climb Ancient Mayan Pyramids standing in testament of time to the one of the greatest civilisations in the World.  Learn of the Mayan culture, their practises, astronomical observatories used for tracking time and development of the Mayan Calender.  Journey in time to Belize's Tropical Rainforests which abound with Mayan Temples and Mayan Cities as you explore, climb and enjoy your Mayan tours.                                                       

   2. Making Mayan Chocolate

    Did you know that everyone loves Chocolate and that the Mayas invented chocolate?  Chocolate comes from the cocoa plant above which is grown organically in the South of Belize by the Ketchi Mayas. According to Carlos of Ixcacao farm in San Felipe " Chocolate will save the Rainforest ! "

    Carlos continues to tell us " Chocolate was used by the Mayas as money for trading and bartering as they would grow cocoa in the lowlands of Belize and traded with the Highlands of the Montagua Valley in Guatemala for Black Obsidian and Green Jade.   Chocolate is healthy and good for the heart, its sweet when you suck on the rich white pulp and bitter once you bite the seed.  The  roasted seed is crushed to the liquid chocolate using a mano and metate.  These sacred of tools the mano and metate was passed on from one generation to the other upon marriage  and belongs in a museum which means I also below in a museum.  Dark Chocolate is healthy and we produce 100% organic chocolate, most chocolates are 60% dark chocolate and European chocolate uses 90% dark chocolate and the bitter the better. "

   3. Cave  Tubing 

    Cave Tubing is a journey into "Xibalba" the  Mayan Underworld where the Mayas fought and when victorious over the nine lords of the underworld they would travel to the thirteen levels of the heavens.  Sit on inner tubes as you float into this subterranean cave over rapids and see the most spectacular stalagmites and stalactite formations.

  4. Zip Line & Waterfall Rappelling

    Once harnessed, helmet in place and  gloves with extra padding as brakes, Zip Line the largest Zip Line in all of Belize over the Rainforest Canopy doing the longest line of 2300 feet !  This is indeed an adventure and adrenaline rush to remember as you also rappel like a Marine on one of the platforms.

    Imagine Waterfall Rappelling over a 300 feet Cliff in the Rainforest of Tropical Belize !  Need I say more???

   5. Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary

    Jaguars are my favourite animal and were sacred and revered by the Ancient Mayas.  Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary is a Protected area which has the only Jaguar Preserve in the World which is fast becoming a popular destination and a must do on your buck list on your Belize Vacation.  Belize has approximately 900 healthy Jaguars in the wild and there is over 50% of Protected land and Biological Corridors for these Jaguars.

   6. Monkey River 

    Take a leisurely boat cruise to Monkey River a small fishing community just South of Placencia.  With your expert Naturalist Guide spot numerous birds, Green Iguanas, Black Howler Monkey, Dolphins, Manatees and hike a jungle trail.

   7. Snorkeling & Diving

Placencia has the best areas for snorkeling and diving the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Blue Hole, three Atolls, Island hopping and enjoying secluded islands.  Snorkel and Dive as you see amazing Coral Reef formations, numerous species of fishes, Nurse Sharks, Logger Head Turtles, Manta Rays and so much more.....

   8. Whale Shark

   Placencia is a prime spot for diving and fishing especially during Whale Shark season between March to June.   Placencia is regarded as one of the best bases for diving in Belize.  Its close proximity to the southern cayes and ample dive sites within a short boat ride make this an increasingly popular vacation spot year round.  Snorkel or Dive with these docile creatures of the sea which come to spawn in our southern waters.

   9. Garifuna Drumming

    Take Garifuna Drumming classes and learn different rhythms like Paranda and Punta.  " Drumming is just one of the tangible elements of the Garifuna culture, and Warasa Drum school is aptly named “Warasa” meaning “our culture” in the Garifuna language.    Warasa Drum School was founded in 2010 by Ronald Raymond McDonald, and his wife, Ruth. '' according to Ronald Raymond McDonald.

10. Tutti Frutti

A vacation to Placencia would not be complete without a stop at the number one place Tutti Frutti. 

Ranked #1 of 50 restaurants in Placencia
 Certificate of Excellence 2013
Price range: $5 - $10
Cuisines: Dessert, Ice Cream
Good for: Families with children, Dining on a budget
Dining options: Late Night, Dessert

Friend's review
5 of 5 starsReviewed July 28, 2009
I always post about Tutti Frutti being a must eat at staple in Placencia. Just went back this weekend, and it's still the best thing there. A wide selection of great gelatos is what you get.

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