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December 23rd, 2013 by Oscar Castaneda for Balaam Eco Adventures


There are many great reasons to visit beautiful Belize, with white sandy beaches and so much to do and  having a Honeymoon is definitely one of them.  A recent study by Conde Naste Bridal Groups American Study shows honeymooners from North America typically spending twice as much and staying twice as long as your average vacationer. They spend on average $5,000.00 and want a really great experience. According to a recent travel article on CNN, Costa Rica and Belize are “are two of the most up and coming honeymoon destinations right now.”

Why have a Belize Honeymoon Vacation?  Here are ten reasons why Belize is a Honeymooners vacation paradise. Let’s see if I can convince you.

 1)Belize is in the Caribbean & Central America

Considered part of the British Commonwealth, Belize is both in Central America and also in the Caribbean. With just a quick flight from Canada and the US Belize is a very affordable destination gaining  popularity as a honeymooners vacation paradise. You can be in Belize a lot faster than flying from New York City to Los Angeles,California.  You can combine your vacations snorkeling among stunning coral reefs, visit Palm studded Cayes, pronounced as “keys”, enjoy perfect weather, explore Ancient Mayan Templesswim under stunningly gorgeous waterfalls, journey into caves underground and so much more…..

 2)Belize is very affordable

Imagine celebrating your love for each other with the best of Rainforests and the Caribbean enjoying Belize Adventure Tours.   Belize is quickly gaining popularity as a very affordable and inexpensive honeymooners Paradise. Balaam Eco Adventures has come up with an All Inclusive Belize Honeymoon & Beach Package and you will realize how inexpensive things are as you will be amazed at getting real value for your money

With this Package you will be spending your honeymoon money on essencials such as accommodations, full breakfast, daily lunch special or packed lunch, dinner, and tours.  We take care of all the details making it so much easier for you to enjoy what matters most being with each other enjoying your honeymoon.

3) Belize is Mother Nature’s Best Kept secret

The key to having great conversations with your friends is to have the most incredible stories to tell, why not add your incredible Belize Honeymoon Vacation experience to the mix?  Belize is Mother Nature’s best kept secret and many  are discovering this jewel in the heart  of Central America and the Caribbean.

With 40 % of Belize being protected as National Parks and Reserves Belize is indeed Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret with something for every taste.  Come taste, feel, touch, try, smell and live a Belize All Inclusive Experience and take with you unbelizeable memories to last a lifetime.  With abundance of flora and fauna, the only Jaguar Preserve in the World, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, scarlet macaws, the largest barrier reef, the Blue Hole and so much more…..

   4)Belize has so many activities to do

When you decide to enjoy your honeymoon in this sunny, Tropical Belizean Paradise you will find no end to  romantic and adventureous activities to do in the company of each other.  Canoe down the gentle macal river with a cooler full with food, drinks , snacks and camera for great pictures of exotic wildlife, toucans, iguanas, howler monkeys and of beautiful scenery.

Horseback ride on jungle trails to Ancient Maya Pyramids and , hand in hand climb to the top  of El Castillo at Xunantunich , float on inner tubes inside caves as you journey into the Maya Underworld “Xibalba”, go scuba diving to the Great Blue Hole, ride a bicycle into town, lay on a hammock and enjoy massages, cocktails, wine, beautiful beaches or just relax in each others arms.

   5) Belize is friendly

How people are treated as they travel through a country can either make or break their vacation.  Belize has the friendliest people and that makes everyone’s vacation.  Belize is so tiny about the size of Massachusetts and everyone knows everyone.  I have been to the US and people don’t talk to each other on the streets, in Belize we do.  Our friendly people is Belize’s greatest asset.

Visitors to Belize always ask me Oscar why is everyone so nice to us?   What do they want from us?  I laugh and say, we don’t want anything and we are just friendly, easy going, helpful people.   Belizeans are happy to show our visitors a great time and for them to take lifetime memories.  

  6)Belize is easy and laid back

Travelling in and around Belize the people are very friendly, helpful and welcoming making Belize extremely easy.    A lot of our visitors have travelled all over the world and have declared Belize travel as easy and laid back.    It’s not just that English is the official language, it’s that Belize has invested real thought and effort into its tourist industry. Signs are clear, there’s plenty of travel guidance online, and employees from all levels of Belize’s tourist industry are wonderful and helpful with  big smiles on their face.

Belize is uncomplicated, friendly and laid-back, the Jewel as we the locals call it, is so easy to travel.  You can climb the pyramids at Xunantunich, float on inner tubes on the Caves Branch river and enjoy a romantic dinner  at sunset all in the same day!   Even the money has an easy conversion rate of two Belize dollars for one US dollar which is gladly accepted anywhere in Belize.

   7)Belize has the largest Barrier Reef & the Blue Hole

Aldus Huxley said “ If the world had and end, then British Honduras (now Belize) would be the end.”  This tiny country in both Central America and the Caribbean boasts the largest living Barrier Reef with a span of 186 miles long, second to the Barrier Reef of Australia.

The Great Blue Hole was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the #1 top and most popular diving destination in the world out of the top 10 dive sites as compiled by Lonely Planet.   Divers from all over the world come to Belize to go scuba diving at the World famous Blue Hole.

  8)Belize has great Beaches

Need I say more....

9)Belize has perfect weather

With perfect sunny days and average temperatures of 85 degrees setting the stage for romance is so easy in Tropical Belize.  Just remember to apply sunscreen often and drinks lots of water, beers and cocktails.   From secluded white beaches, jungle adventures, diving the Blue Hole, climbing Ancient Maya Temple sand Archaeological sites your Belize Vacation is the perfect backdrop for a couples Romantic Belize Honeymoon.

  10)Belize is the ultimate Rainforest and Reefs destination

Take a break from the daily rat race to truly enjoy  the  finner things in life.   In Belize  you will undoubtedly break away from the stress of everyday life in some of the most relaxing and stunning environments possible.  From Rainforest to Reefs adventures offering world class accommodations within many different budgets making a Belize Vacation very affordable.

Come experience the cultures, climb Pyramids,Temples ,Palaces, learn about the Maya Calender, cave tube on rapids inside caves, journey into the Maya Underworld, snorkel, dive the Blue Hole, sail on a catamaran or relax on the beach.

Share your love for each other with Balaam Eco Adventures All Inclusive Belize Honeymoon & Beach Package.  Let us help you with all the logistics and every single detail so you have all the time savouring every minute in this jewel and tropical paradise. Creating lifetime memories one vacation at a time.

Creating lifetime memories one vacation at a time.  
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