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December 12th 2013 by Oscar Castaneda for Balaam Eco Adventures

Getting affordable and great deals on Spring Family vacations can be quite tricky these days with families having different interests , age ranges and expectations.   I can still remember travelling with my family when I was  in my teens as they were the best experiences of my life which I vividly remember.  

The question is, how to keep everyone entertained, excited about the activities , tours, interested, bonding and spending quality time together as a family ?    We have come up with affordable Balaam Eco Adventures  Family Packages to Belize in the heart of Central America and the Caribbean.   Many families have discovered Belize and have returned numerous times recommending Belize to their friends who have given great reviews and are also returning and recommending this secret vacation destination to their friends.

What is so spectacular about this tiny English speaking Caribbean Paradise and what makes it the ultimate affordable Family Vacation destination?   

After asking return visitors many times why they love Belize so much, I put together my top TEN TOP REASONS WHY BELIZE IS PERFECT FOR A SPRING BREAK FAMILY VACATION :

1)Easy travel to Belize
With  direct flights from the US and Canada, easy connections, getting to this Tropical Paradise called Belize is both hassle and stress free leaving more time to enjoy Mother Nature’s best kept secret with your family. 

It’s the perfect destination for a quick weekend  getaway, short vacation, family reunion, wedding or for an all inclusive Belize Honeymoon vacation package.  Spring break is the ideal time to have a  Belize Vacation with major Airlines flying to Belize within two hours. Why not start planning right now?

Family vacation packages are very affordable also making it  easier with added value deals.  We have Balaam Eco Adventures affordable Family Vacations Packages and other packages to choose from starting at $375.00US per person.   Families have come with picky kids and leave with their kids eating everything and that’s something that doesn’t happen everyday.

2)English is the main Language
 With the ease in language more and more people are looking for a Spring Break Family Vacation in Belize.  Everyone in Belize speaks English  and its the only country in Central America with English as the official language. Most people speak a number of languages such as English, Spanish, Yucatec Maya.  Everyone in Belize is very friendly, always smiling and easy going, no hurry no worry seems to be the mantra and compared to other Caribbean vacation destinations, Belize represents value for money. 

 According to Lonely Planet's  top 10 best overseas family holiday destinations of  October 27, 2013  Belize is listed as # 3.

“Whether you're looking for a beach to sit on, or much more (particularly as kids get past six or seven), Belize is an affordable Caribbean trip that is a boon for families.

It's compact, cheap and nearly everyone speaks English. There's super wildlife to see –Howler monkeys and crocodiles by land, sea turtles and (harmless) nurse sharks by mask and snorkel - plus kids can learn the drums on the beach.

In the interior there's still more fun in the water, with underground rivers to tube, jungle lodges on swimming holes and Mayan ruins reached by boat.”

This is an edited extract from Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2014, Lonely Planet.  Published October 29, 2013, RRP: $24.99.


Belize is comfortable with an average temperature of 85 degrees  between the months of Janaury to May making it the best time for a Belize Vacation and Adventure tours.  With so much to do from exploring Mayan temples, hiking  rainforests jungle  trails, cave tubing inside caves systems, zipline tours, horseback riding, waterfalls, snorkeling the great Barrier reefs, diving the Great Blue Hole, enjoying a massage or enjoying nature’s tanning saloon on any beach. Belize has the perfect weather to do all these activities and more…..


What better way to educate your family about other cultures and this unique uncrowded destination known as the jewel of the Caribbean.  With Balaam Eco Adventures Community Outreach & Volunteer Programmes your family will have the opportunity to help the less fortunate, understand the bio-diversity of Cultures which make Belize such a unique place while enjoying a great Spring Break Family Vacation in Belize.

Our Belize Adventure Tours and packages are designed to give you the best possible experience which you will always remember.  Balaam Eco Adventures is creating lifetime memories one Vacation at a time.  Learn Spanish and Maya as you interact with kids and their families  through our social programmes and make long lasting friendships.  Learn to cook Mayan food, make pottery and learn about medicinal remedies using rainforest's plants remedies with a Maya Shaman.


Belize is the heartland of the Maya Civilisation with more Maya temples per square mile and 15 Mayan Sites which are open to the public.  The most  popular Archaeological sites visited in Belize are: Xunantunich with El Castillo at 130 feet tall overlooking Guatemala and two friezes, Altun Ha where the largest Jade Head in the Maya Region was found sculpted in the face of the Sun God “Kinich Ahau, Lamanai with the tallest temple at 112 feet, Caracol the tallest man made structure in all of Belize at 140 feet tall and ActunTunich Mucknal Cave where 18 bodies were found as sacrifices  to the Gods of the underworld in “Xibalba”.

However Lamanai is the most popular and most visited Archaeological site with amazing views overlooking the New River lagoon.  Imagine travelling back in time to experience one of the most interesting Civilisations that ever existed and learning how the Maya were able to calculate time to a remarkable degree of accuracy using only stone pyramids and the stars.  You will be left in awe of their accomplishments and predictions and so much history that has been documented and discovered by Archaeologists and Scholars.

Belize is so culturally diverse with the warmest and friendliest people around who always have great smiles on their face. The people of Belize are by far warm, friendly, have  a big heart,  are peaceful and  loving.

Belize has a multicultural mix consisting of ethnic groups like the Creoles, Mestizos, Mayas, Garifunas, Asians, East Indians, Mennonites (Amish) and many other ethnic groups all happily getting along in this tiny country.  

Since most locals speak many languages it is easy to meet people and become friends with them to learn Spanish, Maya and have great moments, experiences and conversations.


Have excellent conversation topics with you friends about your Belize Family Spring Vacations and experiences.   Offering the best of both worlds, Belize is becoming very popular among those looking for privacy as our white sandy beaches are uncrowded.  
Climb Maya Temples, pyramids, palaces, zip line over the jungle canopy, float on inner tubes inside cave systems, hike great nature trails and find spectacular cave entrances like at Actun Tunichil Mucknal Cave, visit the largest waterfall in Central America, visit Natural History Museums like the one at Chaa Creek Lodge, visit butterfly gardens and so much more…..  

Go Scuba Diving at the Great Blue Hole declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef to see stunning corals and marine life, dive with majestic creatures like the  whale sharks who come to spawn in our Caribbean waters or just enjoy a free day of massages and relaxation.

Did I just say Whale and Shark in the same sentence? Whale Sharks are gentle giants of the sea but something about having the words whale and shark next to each other makes it sound intimidating.

Belize is a Nature lover’s paradise with over 200 palm islands, sandy beaches, the largest Barrier Reef on this side of the hemisphere ; 3 atolls; Turneffe, Lighthouse where we have the Great Blue Hole and Glovers Reef, scenery, rainforest, Archaeological sites & Maya Temples.  

Flora and fauna call Belize their home with native birds and animals in Protected areas and Reserves.  Belize has sanctuaries, rivers, herbal trails, massive Mayan Temples like Caracol that are still among the tallest man made structures in the country even to today’s date and massive systems of subterranean caves.  

With approximately 40 per cent of land being protected, the forests support a vast range of wildlife including five large cat species: Jaguar, Puma, Ocelot, Jaguarundi and Margay.   If you love birding we have over 620 species of both migrant and local birds which have been recorded.

In  Belize we promote green, sustainable travel  therefore  you can feel good about being a tourist and contributing to a great cause by having a Family Spring Break Vacation with Balaam Eco Adventures.

From Tour Operators, Tour Guides, boat captains, resort owners and their staff, we Belizeans are proud and protective of our jewel, Belize.   Some Resorts have been consistently recognised and have been  awarded as international models for sustainable and  responsible tourism.

One Resort who has been awarded is The Lodge at Chaa  Creek for its impressive way and for leaving such a tiny ecological footprint for providing so much rustic luxury and amenities.  Chaa Creek even gives guests nice souvenir aluminium water bottles to be topped off at pure, hygienic filling stations around the resort when they could be making more money selling the ubiquitous plastic commercial water bottles. 

Belize is that sort of place, and it is always an eye opener, and heartening, to see how even small developing countries can make a difference in protecting the environment. It’s another one of the seemingly small but very endearing things I love about this Jewel.

Balaam Eco Adventures Sustainable and Responsible Eco-Tourism practises mean that your visit contributes to, and never adversely impacts this pristine part of the world. Under our Community Outreach & Volunteer Programmes, you will glow even brighter knowing that  10% of all tours goes directly into programs which support the environment and worthy social causes like offering scholarships to deserving students with limited resourcesWe have also patterned with Pack for a Purpose and you can bring school supplies and other items for schools in Belize.

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