Tuesday, 22 January 2013

10 Unbelizeable reasons to have a Belize Vacation

10 Unbelizeable reasons to have a Belize Vacation

January 22nd 2013 by Oscar Castaneda for Balaam Eco Adventures

1.Climb the second tallest Mayan temple in all of Belize at Xunantunich rising 130 feet above   the  plaza.

2.  Journey into " Xibalba" , the Mayan Underworld to visit Actun Tunichil Mucknal Cave.  This is a must see Natural Museum with Crystalized bodies of  Ancient Priests and a Sacrificial Maiden.

3. Explore the tallest man made structure in Belize as you visit Caracol which defeated Tikal in 562 AD. 

4.  Enjoy of an Adventure Experience as you go Cave Tubing into the Mayan Underworld and have your own Indiana Jones experience to last you a lifetime.


5. This is a Nature Lovers Paradise as you explore numerous Waterfalls in  the Mountians including the tallest Waterfall in all of Central and South America.  


6.Zip line through the Forest Canopy on an adrenaline rush and you will be coming back for more.


7. For the more Adventureous go Waterfall Rapelling at some of the tallest Waterfalls in all of Belize.  This an Adventure of a lifetime like no other experience.

8. Experience the thrill of getting the great three awesome catches making the Grand Slam and go deep sea fishing.   Belize is well known for its excellent fishing .

9.Snorkel with Nurse Sharks and enjoy of the Natural beauty of this Tropical Paradise.   Go snorkelling to some of the most amazing destinations.

 10.Belize is only two hours from Miami or Houston offering the best Diving in this part of the   Hemisphere.   Diving can be done at great locations like the Great Blue Hole a World      Heritage Site.

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