Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Ending of the Maya Calender.

This is an important year for us in Belize and the Mundo Maya with the celebrations for the Ending of the Maya Calender.  Some predict the ending of the World, like Y2K but come visit our Beautiful Paradise with something for every interest.

Indulge in our rich cultural diversity of many faces working together for one common goal.  Learn  of the importance of the Mayan Calender as you enjoy and take memories that will last for a lifetime.  Climb Ancient Mayan temples, pyramiads, dive the great Blue Hole, fish for the covetted Grand Slam, Journey into Xibalba, trek Rainforest Trails, Explore exotic Waterfalls, visit the only Jagaur Preserve in the World.

Let us know how we at Balaam Eco Adventures can customize a package for you and your family.

Creating lifetime memories one vacation at a time.  

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